Belgian Shepherd Dogs for adoption in Canada


In keeping with the club's objectives as stated in our constitution ". . . to support, promote, and protect the Belgian Shepherd Dog and to support responsible breeding . . ." the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Canada encourages its members to actively participate in breed rescue situations.

By maintaining lines of communication to ensure quick response and action whenever a Belgian Shepherd Dog is in need of assistance, our section members across Canada are vigilant, dedicated, and passionately involved in their canine communities,

The Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Canada will financially assist any member with the cost of the adoption fee from a recognized shelter. We will also publish the availability of the dog on the National Website, Additional expenses incurred by any member in the rescue must be applied for and receive the approval of the National Executive.

Each rescue or re-home situation is unique. By having less rigidity in the policy, the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club can be flexible and adaptable in reviewing each incident.

When a situation arises in your Section that requires the club's involvement, contact the National Secretary. Provide details of the Belgian in question and the type of help required, including a dollar figure for reimbursement.

The National Secretary will notify the National Executive of the situation requesting a decision. If required, the Secretary will gather any additional information. The Secretary will then notify the member and / or Section of the decision.

It will be the responsibility of the member and / or Section to provide follow up on all rescues and re-homes when financial support has been provided.