Section Executives


President: Donna-Marie Cyr

In 1980, I got my first Belgian. His name was CH. Snowflower I'm Just Angus who went on to win the American Belgian Tervuren National Winners Dog in 1993. Originally, I only wanted an obedient dog and perhaps compete in the obedience ring. However, his breeder had another idea and, while I was attending an obedience trial, she convinced me to show him in conformation. I quickly discovered that conformation takes a lot less training than obedience, especially if you have a good dog. When I got into breeding under the kennel name of "Teseko", I learned that a good dog is the result of good breeding which takes time and thoughtful consideration in order to be consistent. Fortunately, I had a good mentor in Susan Quesnel of Atim Belgians. Susan and I co-bred and imported European lines for several years. I breed my dogs on a limited basis where temperament is paramount followed closely by type.

The Pacific section hosted the National Specialty in 2005 and, since this was the first year that the BSDCC was able to offer herding, I decided to support it by entering one of my dogs. If I thought obedience was tough, I quickly learned that herding is even harder! The dog not only has to listen to the handler but also rely on his instinct so there are times he disobeys the handler to do what is necessary. Dogs are able to read sheep much better and much faster than we can! Since my initiation to herding in 2005, I've gone on to train multiple dogs in herding and now host an annual herding clinic at my farm. It’s a great weekend of camaraderie and making friends as well as working the dogs.

The fellowship of other Belgian owners is one of the great rewards in the dog world and I strive to welcome and support anyone and everyone.

Wishing you many years of Belgians,
Pacific Section President

Vice-President: Terri Mrus

Secretary: Wendi Daechsel 

Treasurer: Tina Klimko 

Director: Lou Dobie 

Director: Pearl Fabbro 


President: Cindy Bazin

Currently, I live with 4 Groenendael and co-own two others.    I compete in conformation, obedience, rally and agility and in the future will be looking for opportunities to try barn hunt and/or scent work.  I have bred a number of litters over the years under the kennel name of Meadowgrove.

My involvement with Belgians began over 30 years ago.  My first dog was purchased in 1987 and I joined the local section and national club shortly thereafter. Two years ago, I achieved lifetime membership with the Canadian Kennel Club after 30 years of continuous membership.

As a Section and National member, I have held many different offices, served as a committee member for the establishment of the Versatility award and was the editor of the National Newsletter for a few years.  I have been the show chair for two National Specialties hosted by the Northern Alberta section. 

Most recently I have served 6 years as President of the National Club.  During this time, I have tried to maintain open communication with the membership through the section presidents and my newsletter reports and the development of a Policy and Procedures booklet.  In addition, I have supported and help facilitate the establishment of a relationship with the Canadian Working Belgian Shepherd Association and the Canadian Working Dog Federation.  It is through this association that Canada is able to field teams of registered Belgians in IGP and agility at the FMBB competition in Europe.  I believe that further collaboration will strengthen the National club with increased membership and will continue to showcase the versatility of the breed.  Our breed association has to look at new ways to support and attract new members and I believe this is a start.

Vice-President: Nicole McIlwrick 

Secretary/Treasurer: Michele Stade 

Director and Section ReporterTanisha Harper 


President: Stephen Harris

Secretary/Treasurer: Grace Harris

Director: Sharon Haley 


President: Irene Gamble

I purchased my first Belgian in 1978 from MiShaOok Kennels, a sassy little groenendael who quickly grew into Ch MiShoOoks Zia CD CDX UD! Subsequently, I have owned groenendael, Terv, and Malinois. I was honored to co breed with the Stanbridges for several years. I have served a variety of positions om the BSDCC including Director, National Treasurer and section president.
Currently, my two Belgians and I are enjoying retirement.

Vice-president/Secretary: Don McComber 


President: Eleanor Heagy  

My husband, Greg Storms, and I purchased our first Belgian from Skip and Elsie Stanbridge in 1988.
We currently have four Belgians.
I compete with our dogs in conformation and agility, and have competed in rally and obedience in the past.
We have bred and/or owned dogs that have won CKC, AKC and UKC national specialties, as well as multi-talented obedience (OTCh), agility (MACH) and herding titled dogs. 
Over the years, I've served on the national and SOS executives in various positions, and edited the newsletter for several years. 

Vice-President: Zonya Jacobs   

Secretary: Anthony Hartelaub  

Treasurer: Stephen Rowell 

Director: Brian Wilcock  

Director: Renee Worringer 


President: Janice Mulrooney    

I have loved the shepherd breed since I was a kid and about 39 years ago I was introduced to the Belgian Shepherd Dog.  While learning about the breed I was told that one of the varieties was a long haired black.  I was sold and am to this day.

I have always loved the performance part of the dog world and spent many years training and teaching obedience.  Today the performance field is numerous and have enjoyed learning new things with the Belgians.  We have competed in obedience, rally, agility, tracking, and scent work.

I did breed years ago under the Kennel name “Bellsha” (CKC Reg’d) , but haven’t had a litter in over 25 years.  I have purchased from some of the top Groenendael breeders and continue competing and titling in conformation and performance at CKC, AKC and UKC trials as well as AAC and Caro. Most of the dogs I have purchased still carry the Bellsha name somewhere in their registered name.

I have been an active member of the BSDCC for most of this time.  I have helped organize numerous club events include matches, Regional and National Specialties.  I have also helped within breed clubs that I am part of and last year helped organize and run the CKC Junior Handler National that was held in Belleville, Ontario.

I now live with three groenendaels .   11 ½ year old Suri;  6 year old Kira and 1 year old Future.


President: Myriam Coulombe   

--- English version follows---

Je suis active dans le monde canin depuis plus de 20 ans en obéissance, rally et conformation avec plusieurs races.  J’ai découvert le Berger Belge en obéissance il y a plusieurs années et je suis totalement tombée en amour avec la race.  Tellement que j’en suis à ma première portée de Groenendael sous le nom d’élevage Legende Noire.

Ma position en tant que directrice des activités sociales à la Société Canine de Québec me permet de parfaire mes connaissances, en organisant des séminaires et formations dans divers domaines canin.  J’ai visité le World Dog Show à Amsterdam en 2018 et la Nationale d’Élevage de France en 2019.

Je crois au partage de connaissances et mon rôle au sein du BSDCC en est un d’apprentissage et de développement de la Section Québec.  Nous travaillons présentement à l’organisation de notre première Nationale du BSDCC par la Section Québec et j’en suis très fière.

--------- ENGLISH ---------

I have been active in the canine world for over 20 years in obedience, rally and conformation with several breeds.
I discovered the Belgian Shepherd in obedience several years ago and I totally fell in love with the breed. So much so that this is my first litter of Groenendael under the Kennel name Legende Noire.
My position as director of social activities at the Société Canine de Quebec allows me to perfect my knowledge, by organizing seminars and training in various canine fields. I visited the World Dog Show in Amsterdam in 2018 and the French National in 2019.
I believe in knowledge sharing and my role within the BSDCC is one of learning and development of the Quebec Section. We are currently working on the organization of our first BSDCC National by the Quebec Section and I am very proud of it.

Vice-President: Michele Gauvin   

Secretary/Treasurer: Crystine Condrain  

Director: Isabelle Bouchard   

Director: Line Roberge 


President: Karen MacFarlane  

Karen has been an avid “dog nerd” since she could walk. Well before she had her own dog, she attended as many dog shows as she could and it was at these shows that she got the obedience bug. While there were a number of family dogs over the years, her first dog was a sheltie, Penny, (Bannerett New Penny) followed by two other shelties, Piper (Shelou’s Winter Storm) and Diva (Shelou’s Classic Diva) who earned their CGN, CD, and RAE titles.

Karen has always had a keen interest in Belgians and owes a lot to the kind and patient people who took the time to let her meet their dogs, answer her questions about the breed and generally put up with her presence at shows in Ontario long before she was able to get her first Belgian, Shadow, a Groenendael. Shadow is everything she ever wanted from the breed: intelligent, loving, loyal, friendly, protective, and a keen worker. 
Shadow is OTCH Ch(Alt) Denim Image’s Apollo CGN, RM, RAE SDN. Her younger Belgian, Flash (CKC major pointed Groguard’s Flash Point, HIT, PCD, RN) introduced her to the conformation ring which they are learning together.

Karen is also CKC Rally obedience judge and is working on obtaining her license to be an Obedience judge. 

Vice-President: Susan Moar   

Secretary: Cathy Moar  

Treasurer: Louise Weaver   

Director: Cliff McCabe